If Feedback Is a Gift Can I Exchange It


They say that feedback is a gift. So, whether you are receiving a gift or feedback, many of the same principles apply.

Be Gracious.

You may not ask for, want, or even think you deserve the gift of feedback. However, someone has taken the time to give it to you. Be considerate, be pleasant, and be grateful. So be sure to say thank you.

It’s Just What I Always Wanted.

Sometimes feedback is the new Instapot you’ve been wanting and talking about constantly. You can’t wait to tear open the box and use it to cook dinner the day you get it. You eagerly accept this kind of feedback and put it into practice immediately.

That’s Very Nice. Thank you.

What a lovely crystal vase. You don’t have a use for it now, but you know you should keep it. So you place it in the cabinet and may find a reason to dust it off and use it someday. You see the value in this feedback, even though you may not be able to apply it right away.

Gee, Thanks.

What are you supposed to do with a velvet painting of a bullfighter? Why would anyone think you would ever want it? You can re-gift it, exchange it or give it away. However, you aren’t keeping it. The feedback you know is irrelevant or from someone who doesn’t understand you or the project. Say thank you then forget you ever received it.

Consider the Source.

Ralphie was anything but excited to receive his pink bunny pajamas from Aunt Clara. However, he has no choice but to keep them and wear them, especially when Aunt Clara visits. A boss or senior executive will often be your Aunt Clara. You have no choice but to accept the feedback and put it to into practice, even if you don’t want to.

Quantity Counts.

When several people give you deodorant as a gift, you should probably pay attention. You don’t think you smell and need it, but apparently, others do. It’s easy, but you need to be self-aware enough to know that if several people have given you the same feedback, then it is probably valuable.

In the end, it’s the thought that counts. It’s up to you to decide what gifts and feedback to keep.

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