Have you updated your Emergency Preparedness Plans recently?

Emergency Preparedness Plans 2018

Take the time to develop, revisit, update and practice your emergency preparedness plans. It doesn’t matter if your emergency preparedness plans are for your business, school, college, community, family, pet or an individual, they should be updated and practiced on a regular basis.

Rather than treating preparation for an emergency, disaster or incident as a task, make it more of mindset. You can’t anticipate when an emergency will occur so a fixed mental attitude about the importance of emergency preparedness is vital for when an actual emergency occurs. The time you take to prepare, plan and practice your plans today might save you, your loved ones, employees, students, community members, and pets tomorrow.

Emergency Preparedness Plans

Emergency preparedness planning can be as easy following the guidelines set forth by Ready.gov; some plans may take a little more time to develop but they should not be complicated. Keeping your plans simple and easy to understand is a secret to effective emergency preparedness plans.

When developing all-hazards emergency response plans for a client, I like to start with a step by step template using a few simple steps. Of course, some plans require more steps than others, but the basic set up and flow is consistent. Over the years I have discovered that more is not necessarily better – it’s about what you can remember off the top of your head rather than looking through page after page of a manual.

To help you get started with developing, revisiting, or updating your emergency preparedness plans, LARGO has created a Virtual Resource Center that provides links to various security and safety-related resources. These resources assist individuals, businesses, schools, hospitals and critical infrastructure facilities in the development of procedures, awareness, and training in the event of a natural disaster human-made disaster or even a pending zombie apocalypse.

Need assistance developing an emergency preparedness plan? LARGO can help by assessing your current plans, developing new plans or help you practice your plans. For more information contact LARGO Consulting Services.

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