5 Home Security Tips for the Holidays

Home Security Tips

Stay safe this holiday season with these 5 Home Security Tips. Last year a record-breaking number of Americans celebrated the holidays away from home. If you’re planning on doing some holiday travel this year, you’ll want to make sure your home security is in good shape.

Home Security Tips #1 – Beware of Package Pirates

Regardless of whether or not you’re staying put or traveling, the odds are pretty good that you’re relying on Amazon or other online retailers for some of your shopping. Online shopping leads to shipping, and shipping may lead to pirates!

Our Jersey City neighbors are getting crafty in their efforts to foil heartless holiday thieves. According to a recent article in the Chicago Sun-Times, police in Jersey City, NJ,  are collaborating with Amazon to install doorbell cameras and plant dummy boxes with GPS tracking devices at homes around the city.

“We had a box out on the street for three minutes before it was taken,” said police Capt. James Crecco, “We thought it was a mistake at first.”

Here are a few suggestions for outwitting would-be package thieves:

  • Have packages delivered to your workplace
  • Request that your packages be held at your post office or local UPS or FedEx shipping facility
  • Require a signature upon delivery
  • Enlist a stay-at-home neighbor to accept delivery (or, at the very least, keep an eye on your stoop or porch)
  • Use Amazon Locker
  • Consider a smart padlock system such as BoxLock
  • Invest in a conspicuous security camera

Home Security Tips #2 – Brighten Things Up

We may not love them, but burglars love December’s long winter nights. Brighten things up and improve your home security and personal safety with a manual timer light, motion-controlled lighting, or an app-controlled switch so that your house looks lived in, even if you’re over the river at grandmother’s house.

Home Security Tips #3 – Batten the Hatches

Make sure that your doors and windows are closed and securely latched and locked. Not only will your energy bill reflect your efforts, but by sealing off all points of entry, you’re making it much harder for criminals to target your home. And if you’re going for the neighborhood holiday decorating award, do yourself a favor and use your outdoor outlets. Not only do overloaded extension cords present a fire and tripping hazard, but they may be all an intrepid burglar needs to pry a window open.

Home Security Tips #4 – Hide Your Gifts from Prying Eyes

It’s so tempting to display your holiday bounty but do yourself a favor and keep your new treasures away from prying eyes. While you’re at it, don’t let your recycling bin give your gifts away! Dispose of packaging wisely and discreetly.

Home Security Tips #5 – Hold Your Mail

Before you hit the road in your freshly inspected and emergency-ready vehicle, sign up for the United States Postal Service’s Hold Mail Service and place a pause on your newspaper subscriptions. Nothing screams ‘We’re not home! Come on in and take our stuff!” like an overflowing mailbox and a yard full of snow-crusted newspapers.


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