The PalmCentrix security, safety, and business technology solution partners provide mobile solutions for individuals, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, businesses, healthcare institutions, police departments, law enforcement agencies, public safety departments, critical infrastructure facilities or a homeowner’s associations.

With over 200 million smartphone users in the United States and millions of apps to choose from in the Apple App, Google Play Stores, and even Web-Based Applications it can be a complicated process to find the right solution? As your trusted advisor, PalmCentrix works directly with you to understand your organization’s security, safety or business needs so we can provide the link to the right solutions to provide safe, secure, and productive environments where we live, work, learn and play.

PalmCentrix eliminates the guesswork so you can feel comfortable knowing that our featured mobile technology solution partners Drakontas, Report It, and ZipBridge will deliver as promised.

Drakontas DragonForceDragonForce empowers you and your teammates to share information in real time: instant messaging, location, photo and document sharing, collaborative whiteboards, and more. Built for mobile team operations, DragonForce gives your team a common operating picture, allowing them to plan, communicate and act more quickly, safely and effectively.



Report ItReport It allows concerned employees, students, and community members to report suspicious or unusual activities in real time while having the confidence that their identity will remain anonymous and confidential. You have heard it said, “If You See Something, Say Something. But how do we make this powerful statement a simple reality? The solution is the Report It community engagement platform.



ZipBridgeZipBridge is a conference call service that instantly brings your team together on a conference call in the event of an emergency. You can quickly launch the call from your mobile device contacts list or your computer. ZipBridge sends outbound calls to all the members of your team simultaneously – connecting them on a conference call as they answer!



The PalmCentrix team is available to answer any questions, schedule a demo, setup up your account, provide managed services, and training for your Drakontas, Report It or ZipBridge mobile solution.

PalmCentrix’s business relationship with Drakontas, Report It or ZipBridge is based on the understanding that the service provided by Drakontas, Report It or ZipBridge is being provided on a best effort, as-is basis. PalmCentrix assumes no risks and or costs associated with the use of the service and any customer data stored on the Drakontas, Report It or ZipBridge system platforms.


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