VIZION20XX is LARGO Consulting Services Physical Security Assessment Process in which we work directly with our clients, security integrators, manufacturers, service providers, and app developers to plan, migrate, upgrade, protect, and future-proof our client’s security systems and security force management practices.


The goal of VIZION20XX is to eliminate the “GOTCHA” approach to conducting a physical security assessment. When talking to colleagues and potential clients about conducting a security assessment, we realized they were tired of the “GOTCHA” approach and wanted something more substantial to support new security initiatives.

At LARGO we believe that the “GOTCHAS” need to be shared when we discover them so our clients can take corrective action immediately. It makes no sense to share a “GOTCHA” in a final assessment report; when it’s in our clients’ best interest to mitigate any risk immediately.

Instead of concentrating on the “GOTCHAS” we focus on providing our clients with a customized, comprehensive security plan based on best practices, emerging trends, and the utilization of the latest security technologies. As part of the assessment process LARGO will:

  • Establish goals and objectives
  • Assess the existing security systems, training programs, policies, procedures, and mitigation strategies
  • Document existing security technologies and develop an end-of-life upgrade/replacement policy
  • Interview key stakeholders and security personnel to ascertain future security needs
  • Present recommendations regarding new security technologies, emerging trends, community engagement strategies, workforce utilization, and threat mitigation based on best practices and available standards and guidelines
  • Develop a plan to mitigate, upgrade or replace systems
  • Set up meetings with security system manufacturer representatives to discuss their product roadmap
  • Prequalify Integrators and/or Officer Providers
  • Develop a Scope of Work
  • Develop an RFP
  • Review Proposals
  • Engineer the “Right Solution”
  • Leverage Relationships for Best Pricing
  • Award Contract
  • Implement and Manage VIZION20XX Project Plan

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