Your Security Adviser, llc (Your Security Adviser) is the physical security consulting services division of LARGO Consulting Services, llc specializing in physical security, security assessments, guard force management, and working with clients to identify and implement security and safety enhancements based on modern security principles and industry best practices. Your Security Adviser employs a comprehensive approach that is built on working closely with clients to understand their business, safety, and security goals and designing the most effective approach to assessing your physical security portfolio.

Services provided by the Your Security Adviser team may include assessments and recommendations regarding electronic security systems, information security, investigations, Clery reporting, business operations, security personnel, leadership development, and team building, emergency preparedness, and crisis management, contract negotiations and project management.

Your Security Adviser utilizes Vizion20XX, our physical security assessment process designed to evaluate and future-proof a client’s security systems and security force practices. Based on best practices, emerging trends, and the latest security technologies, Vizion20XX leverages our comprehensive industry experience and relationships to provide the best value to our clients. Learn how Your Security Adviser eliminates the “GOTCHA” moment, and get more information about Vizion20XX.

From high-rise office buildings in major cities to law firms to small retail businesses, Your Security Adviser currently works with clients throughout the nation to find best-fit security solutions that create safe and secure environments.

The Your Security Adviser team is led by Bernard Gollotti, LARGO Founder and Senior Security Consultant. For more information or to discuss a project please contact

For information on physical security assessments for K-12, colleges, universities and educational institutions, please go to Secure Schools and learn how we assess security programs, provide a roadmap for the future and create campuses where students, faculty, staff, and families can thrive.