DragonForce v3.5 Response Team Exercise
DragonForce v3.5 Response Team Exercise
BLOGS AND NEWS | August 22, 2019

DragonForce v3.5 Response Team Exercise – Over my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with celebrities, rockstars, sports figures, and politicians. But the best group of people I work with are law enforcement officers. They are the most enthusiastic group when it comes to learning how to provide safer environments where we live, learn, work, shop, and play.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to work with my client Drakontas as they rolled out version 3.5 of their DragonForce command & control application to a law enforcement agency. While I was embedded with the Special Response Team to observe response tactics, Ryan Seick from Drakontas provided training and insight to the command team.

During the exercise, we ran through multiple scenarios and outcomes to maximize the training opportunity. Our debrief that was supposed to last 30 minutes, ended up lasting over 90 minutes, as we reviewed how effective DragonForce 3.5 is as a command and collaboration tool.

After the debrief, both sides walked away with a better understanding of the role technology plays in protecting law enforcement and the public. Next step, explore rolling out DrgaonForce through the entire department as the agency looks to provide the highest level of service for the community it serves.

Special shout out to all of the law enforcement officers who give so much to keep us safe where we live, learn, work, shop, and play.

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About DragonForce v3.5

DragonForce is a mobile team collaboration platform that turns any device into a command and control collaboration tool. DragonForce v3.5 Mobile installs quickly and easily on your mobile device and gives you and your teammates complete situational awareness via its tightly integrated set of communication and collaboration tools.

To learn more about DragonForce visit https://www.drakontas.com/

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