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School Safety Assessments

As part of the LARGO Consulting Services School Safety Assessment and Security Assessment process, we utilize pre-existing, established school safety assessment materials and best practices as determined and adopted by various organizations. As an ASIS International Certified Protection Professional and ASIS School Safety and Security SC Emeritus, our founder Bernard Gollotti is considered a subject matter expert in school safety and school security.

Understanding that each school is different and that a one size fits all solution is not the best assessment approach, LARGO Consulting Service applies various aspects of our physical security assessment process VIZION20XX. Our assessment process was developed as a comprehensive roadmap to evaluate and future-proof our client’s security and safety programs, electronic security systems, emergency preparedness plans, and security force management practices. LARGO provides clients with this security risk and vulnerability assessment and recommendation process based on best practices, emerging trends, and the latest security technologies.

Additionally, we don’t hold identified risks and vulnerabilities until the final report; we share the “GOTCHA” when we discover it, so our clients can take corrective action immediately to reduce risk and keep their students safe and secure.

The assessment process may include but is not limited to the following:

        • A security risk and vulnerability assessment of the school
        • Assessment of existing security systems, training programs, policies, procedures, and threat mitigation strategies compared to known best practices, standards, and guidelines
        • Interviewing key stakeholders, administrators, and security personnel
        • Provide a roadmap to migrate, upgrade, or replace systems
        • Review security system product roadmaps
        • Written assessment, including considerations and recommendations for school safety and school security enhancements, access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, community engagement, security management strategies, workforce utilization, and threat mitigation
        • A customized VIZION20XX roadmap for implementing solutions
        • Development of Policies and Procedures
        • Development of All Hazard Emergency Response Plans
        • Development of Reunification Plans
        • Development of Business Continuity Plans
        • Development of Communication Plans
        • Develop and Conduct Training Programs and Tabletop Exercises
        • Provide Subject Matter Expertise
        • Provide Oversight of Procurement Services
        • Project Management Services


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