“Every enterprise is a learning and teaching institution. Training and development must be

built into it on all levels—training and development that never stop.” – Peter F. Drucker


Safety and Security Training Programs

Security and Safety Training Programs

LARGO Consulting Services provides safety and security training programs that are customized to our client’s specific requirements. Our team of board-certified ASIS International Security Professionals, certified trainers, and past law enforcement authorities assess the needs, environment, and profile of the client and the participants to ensure that programs meet our client’s needs today and into the future.

Programs are typically customized for length and content as needed

An Introduction to All-Hazards Emergency Response Training Program

The LARGO Consulting Services team provides an overview of how to respond to an All-Hazards incident, emergency, or disaster. The training program reviews industry best practices on how to build your emergency response team, the principle of Incident Command Systems (ICS,) roles & responsibilities during an incident, and the National Incident Management System (NIMS.) The program aims to enable personnel to operate efficiently as a team during an incident, emergency, or disaster within the ICS.

How to Develop an All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan

The How to Develop an All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan Training Program provides schools, colleges, universities, businesses, corporations, healthcare providers, and event management teams with an overview of developing emergency response plans. LARGO’s training program utilizes best practices from various organizations to help your team build an effective All-Hazard Emergency Response Plan using the principles of Incident Command Systems (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS.) Our program simplifies the process so you can do it yourself, or LARGO’s team of security professionals can develop your All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan for you.

Effective Messaging During an Incident, Emergency, or Disaster

LARGO’s 30-45 minute Effective Messaging Training Program will help your team identify who should send messages, provide an overview of different communication platforms, and show you how to develop protocols and governance procedures. The training program includes an exercise using the 27-9-3 Rule to build a persuasive message using 27 words or less, delivered in nine seconds, containing three or fewer individual messages.

Response Options to an Active Shooter

Best practices in active threat and active shooter training techniques are incorporated into this in-depth training program focused on understanding the concept of Run, Hide, or Fight. After attending the program, attendees will have completed hands-on exercises and have tools that position them to survive and assist during an active threat situation.

INSTINCTS: Employee, Volunteer, and Greeter Training

INSTINCTS is for frontline employees, volunteers, and greeters in environments such as office buildings, events, or shopping centers. Participants completing the training program will emerge with a basic understanding of security and safety techniques, how to welcome and engage guests and visitors, spot potential problems, and assist those in need. 

De-escalation of Disruptive Individuals

How should your team best respond to a disruptive individual, causing a scene or being uncooperative? This program trains participants on how to spot potential problems, mitigate risk, and de-escalate the situation based on our hands-on experience working sporting events, concerts, and large-scale public events.

Threat Assessment Team Training

The Your Security Adviser Threat Assessment Team Training Program provides your team with the skills necessary to spot and deal with individuals who may attempt to hurt themselves or others. During the two (2) hour program, attendees learn what to look for, how to respond, and how to seek outside assistance in assessing a potentially dangerous situation.

Tabletop Exercises

The best way to prepare for what to do during an emergency is to practice, practice, practice. Tabletop exercises provide participants with hands-on opportunities across a variety of situational tabletop exercises. The program opens with a training program, followed by participants taking different roles in dealing with an incident, emergency, or disaster scenario tailored to the client’s needs.

Full-Scale Active Threat Drill

Full-scale active threat drills are an excellent way to understand what it’s like to be in an emergency or disaster. Trainers work with clients to develop and manage realistic large-scale exercises that include local authorities. Training lasts four to six hours, depending on the type of activity. Participants will leave with an understanding of their emergency plan effectiveness, leadership ability, and changes needed to help increase success.

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