Electronic Security Trends in Schools
Electronic Security Trends in Schools Our Top 3
BLOGS AND NEWS | August 26, 2019

Given recent events, it comes as no surprise that the top Electronic Security Trends in Schools center around mitigating the risk associated with an active shooter incident. Mass shootings and active shooter events are a heartbreaking reality in modern America. As school administrators struggle with the new realities of protecting our children from school shooters, they’re turning to technology for solutions.

After all, there’s nothing more important than the safety and security of our children. Here at LARGO, it’s our mission to help keep our educational communities safe and secure.

Our Top 3 Electronic Security Trends in Schools

Gunshot Detection

Gunshot detection systems typically use acoustic sensors and microphones to detect the sound of gunfire. Then, algorithms quickly analyze the acoustic signature to confirm that the sound was, indeed, produced by a gun. Using information gathered by the sensor closest to the gunshot, systems can display the location of the shooter.

“During active shooter incidents, witness communication with law enforcement is often confusing and erratic, leading to longer incident duration,” said Thomas Connell, Senior Manager, Life Safety, Johnson Controls. “With the ever-increasing threat of active shooter events, having a system that provides early and accurate gunshot detection combined with clear, precise communication is now a necessary part of a life safety strategy for any building” (Campus Safety).

Emergency Communications

Mass notifications and on-site mass communications are a great way to share information and alerts quickly and effectively. We live in an information-at-our-fingertips time, and communicating critical school safety alerts should be no exception.

Mass notification systems use text alerts to send active shooter warnings, shelter in place advisories, school closure or early dismissal information, situation updates, evacuation notification, and more. Not only is everyone in the loop, but they’re also on the same page.

Video Analytics

High-definition security cameras, coupled with video analytics, are making our campuses safer. According to a Campus Safety magazine survey, about 96% of schools that reported having security cameras used them on a daily or weekly basis. Most of the survey respondents said that security cameras prevented crime and helped staff members better monitor the campus.

Technology is available that offers real-time facial recognition so administrators can quickly and effectively track who’s on campus and where they are. Facial recognition is a quantum step above that BOLO (Be On The Lookout) poster pinned to principal’s bulletin board.

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