Black Friday Shopping Safety and Security Tips
Black Friday Shopping Safety and Security Tips
BLOGS AND NEWS | November 25, 2019

Regardless of your Thanksgiving plans, check out our Black Friday Shopping Safety and Security Tips before heading out.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who take a pass on the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie to get a head start on Black Friday shopping and those who ask for seconds. If you’re an “ask for seconds” type, you’ve probably already hidden the car keys and deflated all the tires so no one can leave the house.

When the busiest shopping day of the year hits, where will you be? On the couch with another piece of pie or hot-wiring the car and pumping up the tires? Whether you’re the one hitting the stores on Black Friday or it’s your nearest and dearest, be sure to take a few precautions to protect yourself (or your loved ones), your prized purchases, and your personal information.

Black Friday Shopping Safety and Security Tips

How to Protect Yourself in Stores on Black Friday

Although Black Friday fisticuffs are so 2008, emotions can still run high and the day can be a riskier shopping day than, say, any other day of the year. Here are a few common-sense reminders to keep yourself safe in stores on Black Friday.

  • If you carry a purse, keep it close to your body. We recommend looping it across your body, keeping the opening zipped up and under your arm.
  • If you’re more of a wallet type, put it in an inside coat pocket or a front pants pocket.
  • Never get into a, erm, “discussion” about an item.
  • Keep your money out of sight until it’s time to pay. Even then, if you’re using cash, keep it covered.
  • Select one credit card to use on Black Friday. This will reduce the risk of compromising your data while simultaneously helping you keep track of your expenditures.
  • Make an actual physical note of your credit card company’s customer service number and tuck it in your pocket, just in case you need to put a freeze on your card because your purse and phone were lost or stolen.
  • Consider using Apple Pay or other mobile payment payments system
  • Save your receipts and check your credit card activity in the days following your Black Friday shopping spree.
  • Ask for help loading and unloading large items. No one wants an emergency room bill on top of that credit card bill.
  • If you’re shopping with younger children, write your phone number on their arms and find a central location to meet in case you’re separated.
  • Teach your kids how to ask a security guard or store employee for help if they become lost.
  • Don’t use ATMs on Black Friday. If you really must, though, use ATMs that are well lit and never throw away your receipts near the ATM.
  • Use the buddy system when you’re hitting the stores. There’s safety in numbers and it makes things a heck of a lot more fun, anyway.
  • If you’re leaving the store at closing time and you feel unsafe, ask a security guard to walk you to your car.

Black Friday Shopping Safety and Security Tips

How to Protect Yourself on the Road and in Your Car on Black Friday

Tryptophan and a good deal can be a deadly combination. So before you get behind the wheel, take a moment for these safety refreshers:

  • Drive defensively, not offensively. There’s enough road rage out there, and you don’t want to be a part of the problem.
  • Be patient when looking for a parking place. There are deals to be found! No one wants to deal with a parking lot fender-bender.
  • Whenever possible, park in a well-lit area.
  • As you’re backing in and out of parking spaces, keep a keen eye open for pedestrians. Especially pint-sized ones!
  • Hide your new-found treasures in the trunk and remember to lock your car.
  • Avoid parking next to large trucks and vans. Having clear sightlines on your car is the name of the safety game.
  • Have your keys ready to unlock the car so you’re not fumbling around in your purse with all of your packages in plain sight.

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