Winter Safety Tips
Extremely Useful Winter Safety Tips
BLOGS AND NEWS | November 25, 2019

Stay safe and warm with these Winter Safety Tips!

Wet, heavy snow can lead to dangerous ice accumulation. Climate Central reports that weather-related blackouts have doubled in recent years. Each year, winter storms cause thousands of accidents and power outages.

Here at LARGO Consulting Services, we believe that it’s a smart move to prepare your home and family for whatever winter has in store. Check out these winter safety tips, then pull your boots on and head for the nearest sledding hill.

Stay safe and stay warm with our tried-and-true winter safety tips

Pack a Winter and Cold Weather Emergency Kit

Like a good scout, always be prepared. Here are a few great items to have on hand (and in your vehicle) in case of an emergency or a power outage:

  • Flashlights, candles, lanterns, matches, flares, spare batteries, and battery or hand-crank phone chargers.
  • Water, canned food, can openers, and — if you’re feeling adventurous — a good multi-tool.
  • Small camping stove and a few tasty dehydrated meals like this 3-Day Emergency Food Supply
  • Pre-ground coffee and a French press — good coffee is always a good idea.
  • Battery, solar, or hand-cranked radio — this weather radio from the American Red Cross is pretty nifty.
  • Extra blankets, warm clothes, and hand and foot warmers.
  • Basic first aid and a small stash of required medications.
  • Hand sanitizer and personal wipes — because who needs a cold on top of whatever winter emergency has befallen you?
  • Books, board games, doodle pads, and playing cards.

Winterize Your Home for Winter Safety

Keep the cold out and the cozy in. Winterizing your home can save you big bucks, keep you more comfortable, and reduce the likelihood of frozen pipes.

November is a great month to make sure that:

  • Heating systems (fireplaces, wood stoves, and furnaces) have been professionally inspected and cleaned.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order.
  • Your home is properly insulated (and don’t forget your attic!).
  • Windows and doors are tight, caulked and weather-stripped, as necessary.
  • Gutters are clear — so you can avoid icicles and dangerous ice dams, which can damage your roof.
  • Vulnerable pipes that are most susceptible to freezing are well-insulated.
  • Garden hoses are disconnected and stored for the winter.

Understand Your Security Systems

Power outages and prolonged storm systems can raise anxiety levels. Understanding how your home and commercial alarm system work during an outage can give you peace of mind.

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